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AI Data Engineer



Software Engineering, Data Science
Budapest, Hungary
Posted on Thursday, May 16, 2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of data and AI advancement, innovation takes centre stage. Our mission is to pioneer lean principles in AI-enabled product development, optimising client value through strategic target selection and iterative refinement.
As part of our rapidly expanding Data & AI service, we engage with diverse industries, leveraging cutting-edge cloud AI technologies. We tackle challenging projects, from AI-driven feature enhancements and novel data platform developments to bespoke dashboard development and advanced analytics.
Our team comprises seasoned professionals across AI, engineering, product innovation, data science, analytics, and business intelligence, all sharing a unified mindset. We focus on delivering tangible business outcomes, ensuring every Data and AI solution yields actionable insights and real value for our clients. Join us to be the vital part of a team of Data & AI experts and create a tangible impact, improving millions of lives.
The AI Data Engineer will be an integral part of our Data & AI Engineering service line, collaborating closely with data engineers, data analysts, and AI engineers. The AI Data Engineer plays a crucial role in the intersection of data engineering and artificial intelligence, bridging the gap between data infrastructure, data pipelines and AI model development and customisation. You'll work closely with AI experts on generative AI projects, fine-tuning large language models (LLMs), engaging in retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), and excelling in prompt engineering.

Your day to day will include:

  • Developing and designing innovative data analytics platforms using modern data warehousing technologies for our customers
  • Working on AI projects from the data engineering steps to fine tuning generative AI models
  • Implementing ETL processes and data warehouses on AWS, GCP, or Azure, and optimizing existing data pipelines to improve efficiency
  • Assisting customers with their cloud transformation
  • Utilizing innovative cloud services and technologies to solve complex problems
  • Staying updated on the latest tech innovations

We'd love to meet someone who has...

  • 3+ years of expertise in AWS (or proficiency in GCP, Azure)
  • Experience in data architecture, integration, and manipulation
  • Strong knowledge of SQL
  • Familiarity with generative AI (LLM) solutions, fluency with scripting in Python, up-to-date with the latest models and techniques (Llama2, GPT4, Gemini), fine-tuning, RAG, usage of vector databases, and LLM agents
  • Expertise with any of ETL schedulers such as Airflow, Dagster, Prefect, or similar frameworks
  • Familiarity with visualization tools such as Tableau, Qlik, Looker, etc., is a plus, although not mandatory as we provide training
  • Demonstrate agility, quick-thinking, and efficient problem-solving abilities while being a continuous learner, always eager to acquire new skills and knowledge
  • Experience with ML and MLP (big plus)
  • Possesses strong communication skills in English

What we are offering:

  • A team of 200 on a mission to create awesome digital products
  • Supercharger Skill Trainings, Inhouse Training portfolio, Conference & Training Sponsorship
  • Opportunity to try the latest tech stacks & constant innovation
  • High-impact international projects from around the world
  • Company MacBook, Library, Personal Equipment budget, Healthcare, Personal Days
  • A great community therefore an awesome company culture
  • Cool office in the heart of Budapest
About our Budapest office
Budapest is where it all started for Supercharge - this is our headquarters and the beating heart of our company. We have local offices in several countries, but this is where the real magic happens. A buzzing, vibrant space filled with talented individuals dreaming up and delivering amazing products for our clients. This Office of the Year award-winning space is home to our legendary after-work events, and as located in the heart of the city, putting us just steps away from some of the best restaurants, cafes, and bars around.